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  • Optional quick-change device, and a wide range of attachments are available to increase versatility.


  • Exceptional dump height, great breakout force, and self-leveling bucket improve working efficiency.


  • Exclusive XGMA axles, transmission and torque converter assembly ensure a durable service life.


  • Powerful engine produces great traction force.


  • Outstanding cost-performance.


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The new streamlined design, the ergonomically fit interior, and the iconic yellow exterior-this heavy machine is a powerhouse. Built with superior components from leading domestic suppliers, it is meant to last. The synergy from its torque converter and diesel engine ensures secure and reliable performance. Designed for great maneuverability and efficiency in confined spaces, this wheel loader offers an excellent steering angle and a small turning radius, all in one compact structure. Its exceptional layout design provides better power transmission, stability in performance, and ease of maintenance. For instance, the side-hinged fuel and hydraulic oil tanks are all outward adjustable.



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XGMA Benefits

A detachable, low noise and low vibration cab

is designed to give the operator the optimum comfort in different working conditions.


Optional multi-purpose attachments

and air-conditioning system are available to meet different working conditions.


A good choice for high reliability and efficiency.

Long wheelbase and optimized axle load...

distribution ensures stability in driving and working performance.


YTO LR4105 engine, XGMA 20 axels,

and its exclusive transmission and torque converter assembly are well matched to produce great traction force.


Power transmission parts

are in separate arrangement. Side-hinged fuel and hydraulic oil tanks are outwardturnable. Rear-hinged engine hood is designed for easy maintenance.

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